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Who attends ARLIS/NA? 

Many people attend the conference, including:

  • Art librarians from institutions all over the United States and Canada (and some from overseas, as well!)
  • People at all levels of their careers, ranging from students to retirees
  • Librarians from small museums, huge museums, art & design schools, colleges, universities, community colleges, private collections, and public libraries
  • Vendors who create, design, and sell items of interest to art libraries -- including databases, digitization tools, books, furniture, and more


Dos & don'ts of networking

  • Do accept that networking is important and take it seriously.  Art librarianship is a small field and it helps to be acquainted with people.  Getting the word out that you are on the hunt for a job (or internship, or whatever) can help your cause.
  • Don't foist your CV on unsuspecting victims.  If someone asks for it, make sure you have a copy handy.  If not, provide him or her with your contact info to get in touch with you as is convenient.
  • Do sign up for volunteer slots and mentoring workshops.  Both of these activities are a great way to meet new people who just might be able to help you out. 
  • Don't forget to send follow-up emails to anyone you've made a connection with after the conference.  Not only is it just polite, but emails also cement contacts in the post-conference world.


Things to bring if you are interested in networking:

  • Plenty of business cards
  • Printed copies of your CV
  • A notepad to take down names of people you meet, and notes about why you might want to get in touch with them when you get home
  • An "elevator speech"!  Be prepared to describe yourself, your experience, and your interests in a concise way.  Imagine that you meet the director of the library you've always dreamed of working for... but you only have the short walk between sessions (or a ride in an elevator) to introduce yourself and make an impression.  Think of what you would say in advance so you won't be caught of guard or left thinking... "if only...".
  • An outgoing personality.  At ARLIS/NA conferences, many people are meeting up with friends and colleagues they've known for years.  So if you're new, you may feel like you have to stick your neck out a bit to get in on the conversation.  Be a bit daring!  Start converstions with interesting people, introduce yourself, ask questions, etc.  You'll see that folks are quite welcoming!




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