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Expenses and Money-Saving Tips

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Costs to Plan For

  • Travel to/from the conference
  • Registration
  • Hotel/Lodging
  • Food


Additional Costs

  • Workshops
  • Tours
  • Drinks or meals with colleagues, including "dine-arounds"
  • Items purchased in from vendors in the exhibits



Finding Financial Suport (Applying for travel/ conference funding)

You may be able to find funding from a variety of sources.   Ask your library school or employer what opportunities are available to support professional development and conference travel.  In addition, ARLIS/NA and many local chapters offer awards to assist members in attending the annual conference.  See the following resources:


Tips on Attending the Conference "On a Shoestring"

  • Find others to share a hotel room with you.  People often post messages to ARLIS list-servs looking for roommates.  Rooming with someone can be a great way to network and meet new people!
  • Consider staying at a less expensive hotel nearby (especially one with free breakfast or airport transportation!)
  • Bring snacks from home to avoid expensive hotel food costs (or, grab an extra apple at breakfast to use as a snack later).
  • Pay careful attention to the conference schedule, and only attend on the days that will be most valuable to you.  Even shaving one day off the conference can save a bundle in hotel costs.
  • You'll find a bulletin board by the registration desk at every conference.  Check here for extra tickets to tours, receptions, and other functions.  Many times attendees sign up for a paid event and then find that they have conflicts, so they'll leave their ticket tacked to the bulletin board.  These are free for the first person who wants them!


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