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Events and Meetings

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Conference Sessions

  • If you're registered for the conference, you can choose to attend any of the sessions.  When you register for the conference, you may be asked to indicate which sessions you plan to attend.  When you arrive, however, you can feel free to change your mind, or even go from one session to another if you find the first one isn't what you expected.



  • Division Meetings (Academic, Museum, Art/Design, Visual Resources)
    • These meetings are open to anyone
    • Division meetings are gatherings of people from like kinds of institutions or departments.  Discussion often centers around issues of concern to members of the division, up and coming topics and trends, and organizing activities or goals for the coming year.
  • User Groups (Avery, ARTstor, Getty, ContentDM, etc.)
    • These meetings are open to anyone
    • User group meetings are typically held over breakfast.  Representatives from the database or system are available to update users on new developments and answer questions about issues of concern to libraries and users.
  • Section Meetings (Architecture, Cataloging, RISS, etc.)
    • These meetings are open to anyone
    • Sections represent areas of special interest or concentration for art librarians. 
  • Discussion Section Meetings
  • Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings
    • These meetings are generally open to anyone.  Check with the SIG's organizer before hand.
    • Art Library Students and New ARLIS Professionals (ArLiSNAP) is an SIG.  ArLiSNAP's meetings are open and focus on ways to foster leadership opportunities.
  • Membership Meeting
    • This meeting is open to anyone
    • It's like a state of the union address for ARLIS/NA where members also get a chance to voice concerns and opportunities.


Parties and Receptions

  • Welcome Party
  • Conference Celebration/Party
    • The annual party is one of the main social events of the conference.  It is generally held at a museum or gallery in the host city. 
    • Beverages and hors d'oeuvres are served
    • Dress for this event is cocktail attire, so get decked out!
    • There is no cost to attend


Pre- and post- conference events (tours, etc.)

  • Workshops
    • You must register for workshops in advance (with your conference registration)
    • Most workshops require an additional fee
  • Tours
    • You must register for tours in advance (with your conference registration)
    • Most tours require an additional fee


Other Events

  • First Time Attendees Orientation
    • The First Time Attendees Orientation is typically scheduled for the evening before the first conference sessions begin.  The orientation will give first-timers an introduction to the history and structure of ARLIS/NA, and make them aware of opportunities to get involved during the conference.  It is a great place to meet other "newbies", as well.
  • Convocation and Awards Ceremony
    • This is the official kick-off event for the conference. 
  • Pub Crawl
    • Art librarians hit the town.  A great way to explore an unknown city and meet new folk, especially other new and young members.
  • Reunions
    • It is traditional for library schools located near or in the host city to hold a reunion meeting during the conference.  This may take place at the conference hotel, or at a nearby restaurant or venue. 
    • Other library schools may hold their own reunions or "meet-ups" at the conference.  Look for announcements to find opportunities to connect with fellow alums!
  • Yoga
    • Yoga is a new tradition at ARLIS/NA conferences.  Yoga sessions are held in the morning, and are a great way to start your conference day!


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