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About this Wiki

Page history last edited by Bryan Loar 10 years, 5 months ago


About this Wiki 

This Wiki is intended to help new attendees to the annual ARLIS/NA conference.  It is not intended to address any particular year’s conference or destination, but rather to provide information about the content and structure of the conference in general.   As a Wiki, you are welcome to request access to either add content or suggest topics that you’d like additional pages to address.


What can you do with this Wiki?

  • Browse for information regarding the annual ARLIS/NA conference
  • Ask questions about the conference via the Comments tool
  • Become a content contributor via the 'Request Access' link at the right



This wiki was established by members of ArLiSNAP, a group for art library students, new art library professionals, and new members of ARLIS/NA.  If you'd like to become involved or see what's going on, check out our site.

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